1st Annual Ride - trip details

Departure; 12-18-2009
We will load up our dirt bikes, and head out to our departing location at Plaster
City, CA. At this point, our driver will meet us along the route and carry our
safety gear, spare parts, overnight bags and other needed essentials. We will
ride 96% dirt trails and open desert to Parker. Stopping along the way to re-fuel
and/or meet the truck in Ocotillo Wells, Westmorland, Blythe, Vidal Junction
and finally at our location of Parker Arizona. A total day ride of about 300 miles.

We'll add a local 70 mile loop to our ride plan and enjoy the area of Parker
on our dirt bikes.

Heading Home; 12-21-2009
We will have serviced our dirt bikes, and gear. Replenished our water and
trailside snacks and made sure all needed batteries are charged before
departure. We'll head back via different trails and open desert, but again meet
the "chase truck/trailer" in the same towns as our initial trip.

In totality, the ride will have covered 600 or more miles in two
days of riding.  All for a good cause!

Once we return, and have all the donations tallied, we will present the funds,
and other mementos of the ride to the Children (via the Children's Cancer Fund).

Post events will be posted here to the site, along with a total of funds donated.
(Raffle Date; 12/24/09) with all funds tallied and posted on or before 1/8/2010
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