What an awesome experience!!!!
First of all, I am the one with the idea to 'raise money for cancer' part of the ride. Johnny, thanks for all
your support and way to go on all the late nights up working on your computer and developing my
dream and making it come true in such awesome style.

I also just loved the day you called me and said: "where have you been?", after I planted the seed in
your mind to do this. I was wondering if you were thinking of really going forward with me and my
idea... I'm sure glad you did... what a great experience to be apart of something that is truly amazing!!!!

After the planning and logistics were in full forward motion, during thanksgiving I had aproblem with
ride the whole way whatever it took! So I went and bought a brand new bike two weeks before the ride.
With me being out of town for work during the week, I only had four days to tear it apart and get it
ready. Yeah I know, brand new bike, tear it apart?! Doesn't make sense to a lot of people but when you
hang with these guys you half to have all the bells and whistles and a solid machine to go the distance.

So big thanks to Johnny, he helped me every day and every night to get it ready. Taking away from his
bike, his preparation, and his girlfriend Stacey. He opened his completely organized garage to me and
guided me threw everything that had to happen. Step by step, which was another great experience as I
learned a lot in just four long days. I also want to thank Johnny and all the people who gave us pertinent
info on the weekends and great deals on parts during our time of need.

We literally got the bike ready the night before ride departure with a small shakedown ride the weekend
before. What an amazing feeling to ride a bike with all the trick stuff on it.

As for the ride itself; One of my favorite parts was when we all got together in the morning and had a
riders meeting. It allowed me to say a few things about the way I felt. Specifically of the riders and chase
drivers support and for the unfortunate ones that have passed and the ones suffering now including the
little kids. I wish I could take all the cancer away from everybody. I then asked for a moment of silence
so everybody could pray in their own way. It was awesome.You could here a pin drop. It was so silent
and peace full. Way to go guys, it was an incredible moment.

We rode through a lot of different kind of terrain but what stood out to me was when Johnny said at one
point to all of us; " ...do you want to take the boring route or the adventurous route?" I replied; "The
adventurous one!" Right after that we came across a bunch of old mines, it was quite the scenery. Then
we came across 'the slab out in the middle of nowhere'. That slab had Christmas decoration's, water
and even a couple beers with a note that said; "if you drink the water please replenish it". Another
memorable moment would be "The Desert Bar" which was really cool, especially the waitress. She was
quite the cutie with an awesome personality which made that portion of the trip a lot of fun.

I really like the way all the guys pulled together and got along through the whole ride. I felt they really
reached out to me and helped in every way. I personally just wanted to make every mile, as it meant a lot
to me. Which I did with all their help. Johnny showed a lot of patience with everything, with things like;
updating all of our gps's out on the trail so we only had a 1% chance of getting lost (LOL).

It was an awesome ride with awesome people for a GREAT cause. cant wait to do it again.
Wow! another epic ride and one of the best! A very powerful moving experience not only for myself to
new friends and more tracks!

*JJ, I will never forget the vertical 16" wide trails  on the side of the mountainous cliffs that only four
legged sure footed beasts should ever step foot on, Damn you fearless leader!  
*JP, nothing like 90mph thru washes with DUAL 8" HID, nice run. Looks like your the lucky one on the
tables now, NICE!!
*Q, use loctite on those fork seals LOL!!
*K, thanks for keeping me sharp around the corners, good riding!
*SA, Patron and steep shale rocky hills, no bueno! HA! lets surf and ride all the way to CABO tomorrow!
*SS, thanks for catering to me, i needed every bit of it, Hot Mess is my favorite word lately, LOL.
*DW, Race Pace in the rocky cliff washes, JJ standing still LOL. Yea Buddy!
*BB, Good Effort, no sympathy.  
*SM, you missed some epic riding, hope to see you next time, with a better bike!
*AC, congratulations! good people are looking down at you and JJ with big smiles.

Thank you so much John Jensen and Alan Clowers for putting together an unforgettable experience with
a cause. Thank you Steve Smith and Mike Clowers for all your support and help throughout the entire
ride couldn't do it without you, and Thank you to all the riders who stuck with it and finished! Always
Looking forward to the next ride.

Everyone can make a difference, and yes, every little bit helps.
Aaron Preman WOOHOO!
Thank you for putting together this ride. I had a great time with a great bunch of riders. It was quite the
adventure and one that I will not soon forget. I'm thankful to have been included in this ride and was
happy to support the 1st Annual Cancer Ride For Life.

I enjoyed every mile and am glad that I was able to get some decent pictures in motion this time around of
all the riders. What a great motivator for all to continue to press on through the night to complete the ride
in support of this cause. I know there were different degrees of motivation between the riders to make
sure that they were able to complete the ride, and I was happy to take up the rear at times, pushing some
riders at a decent pace and trying to keep the motivation up, never forgetting what the real reason for the
ride was. It meant a lot to me to be able to be part of this dedicated group of riders and look forward to
supporting many more Cancer-Ride For Life events.

Thank you again for your work in putting this ride and logistics together and I wish your organization
the best of luck in the future.
I literally have'nt been able to get the ride outta my head since returning, and the
one overpowering thought that I have is this.....What a great group of guys!

I am truely impressed with the quality of the people who I met. From the riding skills to
the comraderie, and from the generosity to the group mentality. The riders and drivers
made this a unique and rewarding experience. From the start to the finish, everyone was a
class act, and represented our cause as true dignitaries. The unspoken, but understood
communication between myself and the other riders was great! Everyone was obviously
on "the same page", and since I was one of the unfortunate few to not have a radio, this
really stood out.

The actual riding memories are numerous, but the ones that stand out are:
(1) Dan riding a wheelie up, across, and down the sand wall....AWESOME!
(2) Flogging my BRP through the "fun part" rock road with Johnny
(3) Railing with Kenny through the brush going towards Vidal
(4) The ATV trail through the mountains was SOOO much fun (even the choya bash!)
(5) Parallel riding with Quang and others through the desert twotracks, at night, and
averaging @40mph.
(6) Following everyone up that last lonnnggg wash for many miles at night, and not
knowing if I'm ever going to catch up.   
(7) And finally, the completion of the loop itself. I was spent! I lost my flow earlier in the
night, and my right hand was in a lot of pain. I was at the end, but wanted more. I tried
something new, and became a better rider and person.

*** Alan's morning speach really meant a lot to me. It was well spoken, meaningful, and
set the mood for this ride. I've never donated to a cause before this. I now know how
rewarding it can be.

*** Another special mention has to be for Johnny and his ability to put together such a
well thought out and executed adventure! Fantastic job, JAT!!

*** And a huge thanks to everyone for including and accepting me into your group! You
guys rock!

What a great experience!
Taking a long ride with good friends is always at the top of my list of things to do. Couple
that with riding for a great worthy cause just makes this particular ride all the more
memorable and worth while.  

There was not one moment when I was not having fun…well, maybe when we were on
the Parker 450 course…That freakin’ sucked. Lol.  

Thanks to all the support and sponsors.  A big thanks to the chase drivers Mike and Steve
Smith.  You both made this arduous trip much easier to endure.  Last but not least, the
biggest thanks to John Jensen for setting up not only this ride, but all of our great previous
rides and the great ones to come!!  What you do is very appreciated by the riders you help
take time away from the mundane realities of our everyday working lives.  LOL.  Don’t
stop believing!!
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