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I have been riding dirt bikes since I was 8yrs old .It all started when my dad took me to
Southbay Motorcycles (Nat.City) and bought me a brand new Yamaha 60 back in 1969. I can
remember when Johnny Jensen used to always be behind me and now I can barely keep up with
his dust (LOL). Back in 1998 I was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma after extensive
treatment, my life was spared and I went into remission and am still cancer free. Since then
close family members have lost the battle to cancer &
close friends are battling it as we speak!! So it is my
turn to make a difference!!!  And in doing so, via this
Ride For Life. Just think of those little kids with leukemia,
they need support in more ways than one. please help us
help them and join in the fight.      ...Thank you, Alan.

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Johnny's been riding dirtbikes since he was able to sit on the gas tank of his dad's bike,
around age 6. Once too big and hid Dad couldn't see around him, he moved to the back of
the seat where he hung on for dear life.  Eventually, even too big for the back seat, he moved
onto swinging a leg over his sisters 60cc bike... and with outgrowing that, dad bought him a
small 80cc bike. He eventually outgrew, or outrode the smaller bikes and began riding mom's
and Dad's bikes.  Soon, he was riding the fastest of MX bikes, and challenging himself in
local races.

His passion is riding, and organizing these kinds of events
brings a smile to his face. His Dad is a survivor from bladder
cancer, and his mom died of Pancreatic Cancer in May of
2009. These rides mean a lot to him and his cause, and he
hopes you can help. He'll tell you; "Every little bit counts".

Team JAT - All smiles, thumbs up riding    
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