2nd Annual Cancer Ride Reviews
I signed up to have a fun ride and raise a little for cancer
research, I left having a great time while being touched by many
that care so much.  Cancer took my grandfathers life, as it did so
many others, during a time so few survived.  Today, while
Cancer still takes many, others survive and live wonderful lives
due to cancer research funded by events like the Cancer Ride
For Life.  I am both proud and thankful of the efforts of Alan,
Johnny, and others who raise awareness of cancer and lead the
fight with their wallets and time.....Thank You.

As for the ride, it was Great.  Well organized with support teams
who met us at every stop with food, drinks, gas and help.  Every
one of them were so positive and gave so much.  On the ride,
Johnny led us with challenging and fun trails and terrain.  He
made sure the top riders were challenged while trail riders were
encouraged and helped.  I loved Sunday mornings ride with its
winding and cambered trail, while I survived the rough and
rugged rock garden.   All in all, a great time and wonderful event.
Another great ride for a great cause. What a great adventure.....again.

Unfortunately, and even with all of the diligent ride prep, Aaron and I both had some mechanical issues and
bugs in the electrical systems in our bikes. Quite a challenge to fix as we never quite figured the problem until
the first off day at the hotel. We both were able to make the entire trek, but limped the bikes in during the
night portion. Quite a challenge riding in the rocky and sandy wash section with no headlight and tinted
goggles. I was feeling very dissapointed that I would not be able to ride the bike on the last day home, but
after a full day of essentially re-wiring my bike (Big Thanks to Steve Smith for actually finding the problem
and guiding me thru the repair process) I was good to go for the last day of the ride. I felt bad about
delaying the various legs of the ride due to the down time of working on bikes, but it seemed that all of the
riders were very patient and understanding and I never heard a complaint from anyone. It really went to
show the brotherhood and comaradery within the group.

Thanks to John for the super fun ride route and coordination and for
all of the help to the chase drivers, riders, and EVERYONE involved
with this ride to make it a success. I had a really great time and
enjoyed riding, sharing stories, and hanging out with everyone. I'm
sure that the logistics and planning on this ride were quite a huge load
for John and Alan, and I appreciate all their hard work and
dedication to make this ride happen. I am proud of their efforts, the
riders, all of the sponsors and supporters of this ride, and the entire
group who as a team made this ride a such a great experience and
for the fundraising that was done to support the real reason for the
event: Helping those whos lives have been affected by Cancer.

I look forward not only to the ride next year, but also to be able to
again be part of such a truly wonderful group of people who care
about others and what these events really mean.
The 2010 Cancer-Ride for Life was a huge success!  This was my first year attending this event and it
definitely won't be my last!  It all started when I read the ride report and saw all of the pictures from last
years' 1'st annual ride.  The riding looked spectacular and at the same time supported a worthy cause.  I
thought to myself that maybe "next" year I can look into joining.  Well that "next" year came fast and before I
knew it I had signed up and had about 2 months to prepare my bike and myself for 600+ miles of riding.  
This would be interesting......

With all of the prep work taken care of it was finally time to load up and head down to San Diego.  The next
day would be day 1 of the ride and I was excited about the adventure that was to come.  I came to this ride
solo but I quickly felt right at home after meeting all of the riders and chase support drivers and helpers.  
Before the ride started Johnny and Allan put on a riders meeting to discuss the ride and to remind us what this
ride was all about.  They had our full attention and after the meeting every one thanked them for there efforts
and a job well done.

Now it was time to begin the ride. The conditions were very dusty as expected, so the pack was spread out
but much to my surprise we moved along at a pretty good pace.  Later that day Darion took a spill that
claimed his triple clamp but some JB weld, tie wire and zip ties, had him back on the trail again where he was
able to get to the truck.  He called it a day but the rest of us continued on as the night fell.  This would be my
first significant night ride with my stock headlight and I now see why most of the riders have made some
lighting upgrades.  Everything changes at night, the dust, the shadows, everything!  I was having a great time
but my speed slowed quite a bit as it got darker and harder to see.  We finally rolled into Parker around 2:00
or 3:00 a.m. and even though I was tired I felt a sense of accomplishment.  We had traveled almost 250 miles
in one day and we had now made it to our destination!!  The next day (Friday) would be our free day with no
riding planned, just some time to do some maintenance on our bikes and a little R&R.  That night we would
all get together for our dinner and raffle and also get a chance to meet Corky Behrle who donated many of his
own bikes to help raise money for this event  all while battling cancer himself.

On Saturday we rode from the Blue Water Casino over to the Desert Bar.  It was packed and everyone was
having a great time.  A live band, food and plenty of drinks kept everyone entertained.  It was hard to leave
but we had a long ride ahead of us the next day as we would ride back to Ocotillo to complete our ride.

The ride back was my favorite.  We rode some awesome trails that wound through the desert with cactus all
around reminding you to stay on the trail and not crash.  The conditions were the same as before, dry and
dusty.  The riding was challenging as we rode through sand washes and rock gardens not to mention being a
little fatigued as well.  There were no major mishaps and other than Steve's trail side valve adjustment and
Darion's mangled chain guide everything went well.  When we finally made it back to Ocotillo I was excited
and proud that I was able to take part in this ride.  We not only helped raise money for children's cancer
research, we also had the opportunity to ride some great trails and meet lots of new people!!  That is what
these rides are all about.

I would like to thank Johnny and Alan for their tremendous effort in putting together a great ride and fund
raiser that met the goal of raising $10,000.00 for children's cancer research.  I look forward to participating in
next years ride and many more.  You guys did a great job!!

Thanks again!
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