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often as once we receive a donation we'll be sure to update the page... every little bit counts!!
Business/Corporate Support
Individual Support
wants to say a personal
THANK YOU to all who reached
deep, and contributed to the cause.
Every little bit helps, whether it be
THANK YOU to all who reached
monetarily or simply in support via a
raffle prize or contributing your time
along the ride itself. Your time and
effort does not go unnoticed, as we
appreciate all you've done for the
Children fighting Cancer, and helping us
help them.

Thank You,
Cancer Ride For Life
In loving memory of;
Janet Jensen
"I love you mom!" ~Johnny Jensen
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In Memory or Honor Of
  • Johnny Jensen Jr.
  • Alan Clowers
  • Mark Percle & family
  • Tony Anderson
  • Randy Lazar (SDAR)
  • Paul Fish (SCORE)
  • Sal Fish (SCORE)
  • Ron Ammon
  • Stacey Moretz - Jensen
  • Tim and Rory Townsley
  • Tim Penick
  • John Moffett
  • Guy Comer
  • Darrell Howarth
  • Kenny Albertini
  • Gypsy Figuerora
  • Mark and Deana Lewis
  • Erin O'Toole
  • Diora McKelvey
  • Steve and Jody Martz
This Ride Date;  
October 20th-24th, 2011
  • L.J. Manwaring
  • Brett Comer
  • Sandra Lomscola
  • Debbie Savoie-Comer
  • Brian and Melissa Pena
  • Misti Garcia
  • Debbie Savoie
  • Jaqueline Jolin
  • Debbie Grenon
  • Jerri Neely
  • Carol Wright
  • Lisa Tonarelli
  • Jeanene Scherzer
  • Robert Ramirez
  • Aaron Woods
  • George Huddleston
  • Dan Malcolm
  • Eric Malcolm
  • Julie Bass
  • Mark Adams
  • Leah and Richard Mange
  • Reed Haberer
  • Ray Caniglia
  • Chris Catron
  • Susie Melo
  • Bob and Judy Yoder
  • Steve and Janie Moretz
  • Steve and Connie Pearson
  • Nancy and Bill Richards
  • DeDe Stair
  • Jill Hyatt
  • Trina Pierce
  • David Giorlando
  • Gene and JoAnn Scherzer
  • Lisa Johnson
  • Timothy Meier
  • Stephen Orton
  • Deb Marsolini
  • Eugene Lane
  • Patrick Field
  • Joe Cornicelli
  • Steve Aronson
Riding in the names of;
  • Robert Nixon
  • Jared Adame
  • Norene Gerboc
  • Lori Daniele
  • Toni Runyan
  • Carol Brandt
  • Robert Smith
  • Dawn Beyersdorff
  • Rick Russell
  • Tommy Fitzgerald
  • Jeremy Johnson
  • Bill Bourgeois
  • Stacey Kuhr
  • Lori West
  • Veronica Slazar
  • Annette Servia
  • Russell Smith
  • Guy Comer
  • William Smith
  • Jeff and Amy Waughtal
  • Dean Christensen
Raffle Prizes donated by;
Muriel Jones
Daniel Savoie-Comer
Pete & Allana O'Toole
Joann Scherzer
Shirley Cook
Hope Ramirez
Grace Andrade
Monica Balsdon
Louise Nelson
Freddie Pierce
Robert Rasmussen
~Guy Comer