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Day 1; 10-20-2011
We will load up our dirt bikes, and head out to our departing location at Ocotillo, CA (Plaster City Are). We'll
unload, gear up and have a rider meeting. Departing for day one early that AM. From this point going
forward, our chase driver(s) will meet us along the route in key meeting points and carry our safety gear,
spare parts, overnight bags and other needed essentials. We will ride 96% dirt trails and open desert.
This day's destination will be Blythe, CA (bound for Parker AZ). Stopping along the way to re-fuel and/or
meet the truck in Ocotillo Wells, Westmorland, and Blythe.
total miles Day 1 = 190

Day 2; 10-21-2011
We'll leave Blythe after breakfast, heading to our final destination of Parker, AZ and the Blue Water Resort
and Casino.
total miles Day 2 = 95

DAY 3; 10-22-2011 (Desert Bar)
We'll add a local 70 mile loop to our ride plan and enjoy the area of Parker on our dirt bikes. Riding some
of the Parker 425 race course and enjoying the scenic hills and enjoying lunch at
the desert bar in the
nearby buckskin mountains. our day ends at the bluewater once again, to enjoy the pool, hot tub, or a nice
total miles Day 3 = 70

Day 4 and 5; 10-23/24-2011
We will have serviced our dirt bikes, and gear. Replenished our water and trailside snacks and made
sure all needed batteries are charged before departure. We'll head back via different trails and open
desert, but again meet the "chase truck/trailer" in the same towns as our initial trip. This is mostly a
reverse of day one & two, with a few new scenic trails and paths to get us home. Again, stopping in Blythe
for an overnighter.
total miles Day 4 = 85
... total miles Day 5 = 160

In totality, the ride will have covered +/- 600 miles in 5 days of
riding.  All for a good cause!
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October 20th-24th, 2011