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Each rider will pay a $700 entry deposit.
This deposit covers your hotel bed (queen) for 4 nights, and your bike gas for up to 700 miles (no pre-mix
fuels) as well as some trailside drinks and snacks (but no lunches, dinners or other meals included)

You will be required to have your own "chase" vehicle for safety, and "bail out" purposes.
This "chase" vehicle will follow the main Chase, on public roads and highways. Meeting the group throughout
the day at key predetermined locations. This will be a way, if needed to; bail out due to fatigue, transported to
medical aid, carry overnight gear and personal items...etc. You are responsible 100% for that vehicles
expenses. You may carpool, or join another chase if you can't find your own support. To do so, join the '
and ask others who have aquired chase support.
(as an FYI: The Cancer Ride event's main chase is paid out of pocket by Johnny and Alan. You are
not paying towards their chase, or the main chase. The main chase will also be putting out cold drinks
and snacks at each major stop for the riders to enjoy - and yes, they except tips for the cost of those
snacks/drinks and their efforts. Payable at the end of each day or the ride itself if you so desire)

You still will have costs associated with, but not limited to; Your support vehicle fuel, supporting your chase
driver, any meals, bike preparation before the ride, personal refreshments/drinks...etc

The deposit also pays toward the sweep riders, event stickers and t-shirts/sweatshirts and all other hidden
logistics costs.  Any amount over those payouts, goes to the event/donation amount and overall contribution.
(your deposit does not pay towards Johnny or Alan's costs to ride the event. They pay out of their own pocket)

Once your deposit is received, an email with a pre-ride check-list and other important ride information will be
sent to you. If you have any questions about the ride, or how to become one of the riders... please use the
contact us page.  We look forward to hearing from you!!

Your more than welcome to bring the family, friends or other and have them either chase for you, or meet you
at our destination in parker, az (
the blue water resort and casino).  It's a great place, with a nice pool and
slide. as well as gambling for the adults, restaurants and bars.
A quick idea on what it takes to ride the event, and what the costs are
  1. License plate
  2. Ultra HD Tubes
  3. Non "MX" tires
  4. Large fuel tank
  5. Headlight
  1. Riding Buddy
  2. Bike tools
  3. Spare tube
  4. Stamina
  5. A big smile ;-)
5 days of
600+ miles!!
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Meet the riders
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This Ride Date;  
October 20th-24th, 2011