3rd Annual Cancer Ride Reviews
...Kenny Albertini
... Jeff Waughtal
... Guy Comer
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I had been wanting to join the Cancer-RideForLife (CRFL) for the last couple years but was finally
able to make it happen this year and I’m happy that I did.

What an adventure, and all for a great cause, too! The riding was excellent and quite varied as far as
desert type terrain is concerned, and that was nice. It seemed like there was always something to keep
you on your toes and the smooth easy sections were a nice break, especially with the heat.

Highlights for me would have to be the trip to the famous Desert Bar, riding through the
beautiful farmland near the Salton Sea and Westmoreland (with a stop to take advantage of the
sprinklers, that was refreshing!), our chats with police officers, and just hanging out with everyone.

It truly was a pleasure to ride with everyone and the chase crews did an awesome job. They were
always there when anything was needed, so much thanks to all of them! At no point did I ever feel like I
was missing something or that the trip could’ve been better organized. The whole event was well thought
out, no doubt a result of the planning and hard work of Johnny, Alan, and others that have all come
together to help make the CRFL a success.

I look forward to the details of future CRFL rides in hopes that I can continue to participate. It
was a blast!
As riders and chasers send in their reviews...
more will become available!!
I would like to thank, Johnny and Allen for putting on a awesome event to raise money for childrens cancer,A
lot of effort went in to making this all happen.  

When Steve Martz asked me if I would like to do this ride  I was apprehensive knowing the high quality of
riders that would be doing this. Once Steve told me Pops ( Steves dad ) would be Chasing for us, it was on!
Having done other rides with Steve and his dad I new it would be something I had to be part of, and the
cause for the kids well there's no better reason for raising money.

The whole trip was a blast, got in a lot of riding, myself around four hundred miles, others did much more. I
believe we tackled about every type of terrain possible. I must say that we were treated first class, at pits
there was no shortageof food, drinks, gas, and best of all the story's. The Hotels were clean and very
accommodating to motorcycles.

I would like to thank the sweep riders for there efforts, they did a great job keeping the group moving and
also the chase drivers they definetly had the tough job while we played.

I got to meet a great group of guys who all share in the same passion of dualsport / dirtbike riding. I hope to
do this ride again next year!
... Joe Cornicelli
1st leg was pretty easy from Chino Hills Ca to
Parker Az, heard a few good songs on the radio not
to many obstacles that slowed me down thanks to
my extreme training program leading up to the ride
which helped me make it the 233 miles that day.

My 2nd day was a little more exciting rode out of
the BlueWater Inn after watching some boat races.
Ended up in a bar in the middle of the desert then
got lost following Kenny on way back while hitting
rocks the size of my bowling balls in 100 degree

Last leg was the as the 1st but started in Parker and
ended in Chino Hills!   

Highlights = had fun seeing everyone, riding , winning
the fishing trip with Captain Clowers and raising $$
for a good cause!!!!!
... Nathan Woodle
More reviews coming;
As soon as the riders and chasers send them in!!
WOW!  What a great adventure! I still can’t believe that I have been able to make it all the way to California
from Louisiana for this ride!

This was my second year to participate in this fantastic event.  (I’m only sorry that I missed the first one).   This
year JAT shortened up the first and last day a few miles by adding an extra day of riding, making the trip a lot
more enjoyable.  We had a little more time to pause for pictures at old mining camps, Deer Run Resort, and
many other scenic views along the way like the “Canyons”...  Breathtaking!!!

We had a couple brief encounters with some local Police… One of them even gave a donation,  after “The
Talks” ended. (Thank you Officer)  Maybe next year we can list them as sponsors for an escort through town?

We also had a few folks just ask about the event after seeing our shirts and share there stories and appreciation
for what we were doing.  This really makes you feel good to hear other people’s interest in this Great Cause to
fight Cancer.

What a Great bunch of guys,  I can’t say enough about how well this ’lil ol Cajun from south Louisiana gets
taken care of.  Johnny Jensen (JAT), His wife Stacey, Captain Alan Clowers,  His brother Mike Clowers,  
Kenny Albertini,  You guys treat me like family and I want you to know, how special you have made these trips
for me and my son Darion.  He was so bummed out about not being able to come this year.  (Freshman year at
LSU just took priority).

Steve Martz and Steve Martz Sr. (Pops) … We’ll never forget about “Moms” cooking!!!  Thanks for being my
Boy Scout and helping this old man across the street.

Guy Comer, Jeff Waughtal,  Dean Christensen,  Joe Cornicelli and Dennis Apodaca, Everybody came with their
own level of entertainment… Thanks for All that you brought to the event this year.  I don’t know how to
express how much I enjoyed meeting everyone.

All this, and we raised a bunch of money for Rady Children’s Hospital… How cool is that!  Makes me feel a
little giddy!!!

Thanks JAT for making this happen!
See Ya’ll next year
... Mark Percle