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4th Annual Event
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Want to see if you
can make the ride??

I'll have two tracking devices running for this event.

One of them will be in our main chase vehicle,
"Chase1" and will provide location tracking for the truck(s).

The second one, will be on me (Johnny Jensen) as a rider of the event. Showing my
location, as well as the group on a daily basis. My SPOT Connect device will allow
me to send text messages (to our chase trucks) via Globalstar Satellite coverage and
will simultaneously send tracking information to the online google map provided by
SPOT. I can also send informational texts and worse case, send a 911 message to
GEOS Alliance, who will contact the local authorities and get us help (if needed).

It might be a bit confusing for those watching our progress as they sit at home behind a
computer, but each spot track (waypoint) is labeled per the device sending the track.

As an example; The chase truck's device is labeled "JAT-CHASETRUCK" and the
device I'll be wearing is labeled "JAT-RIDER". All the viewer needs to do is hover
over the waypoint (track point) on the map, and they should get information on what
device sent the track point. It'll also be more obvious to some being the chase trucks
will be on major roadways, and we'll be out in the boonies.

Thank you for watching, Cancer-RideForLife!!!

to be taken to the google map and our whereabouts.
(please note; Ride days are 11/8, 11/9, 11/11, 11/12, 11/13)