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... Quality work,
at Handyman prices

          San Diego Handyman
      (previously listed as; Johnny Jensen Handyman Services)
               ...will get it done for you!

                    I am what you call; "The family's handyman!"

       I've been in the Telecom (large business PBX or I.T. field) Industry for the last 25 years,
             but had the knack for being mechanically inclined my entire life (thanks to my worldly
         father). I have been offering my skills out to family and friends for over 30 years, and more
           so since early 2010 as a handyman-for-hire due to being laid off from my I.T. Industry job.

Motto; No job is too small, and none too large.
So please ask, if you don't see something addressed or listed in my profile, these
webpages or in my picture gallery. I won't take on a job I'm not 100% comfortable with,
or that I can't provide a guarantee. I can always refer someone to do the job if I'm not capable.

                              I'm capable of vast projects; from remodels (working for a general contractor*)
                              to swapping out a garbage disposal, I can get it done for you. My hourly rate is reflected
                              upon the actual work I'm doing, and ranges anywhere from $25 to $65 per hour.

                              I have plenty of references who can also give you a personal review of my work and
                              it's quality or me as a reliable, honest and hardworking individual, if needed. Just ask!
                              (I will not post customers numbers publicly - so please just ask).

I am located in San Diego. But can and will travel if compensated, to North County, South Bay, Orange
County, El Centro or up to 100 miles from my home. I charge by the hour for travel outside my immediate
circle of San Diego.

Thank you for your time, and I hope to hear from you! Have a good day!
*The short list of qualifications;

- Tile, Granite, Stone, or similar installations
- Welding (Steel, Aluminum, MIG and GTAW)
- Metal Fabrication (off road, decorative, etc.)
- Woodworking or finish carpentry
- Home Theater Design, and installation
- Electrical (outlets, ceiling fans, whole house fan, etc.)
- Hauling (trash, vehicles, material, etc.)
- Indoor Plumbing
- Security Cameras, installation, and configuration
- Sprinkler systems, landscape, etc.
- Computer (building, troubleshooting, virus removal for PC only)
- Home cabling/wiring (internet, phone, etc.)
- Graphic Design (Marketing, flyers, etc.)
- Web Design and implementation
- Video Editing and conversion (movie making, VHS to DVD, etc.)
- Light auto mechanical work, restoration, etc.
- RV and camping trailer solar installations, plumbing, wiring, etc.
*Most often, I'm asked to:

- Replace flooring, with wood or tile
- Remodel bathrooms (tear out, and rebuild)
- Repair or replace fencing
- Assemble outside playgrounds
- Install TV mount and TV (hide wiring)
- Install new lighting (upgrades)
- Build patio covers, gazebos, trellises, etc.
- Computer repair (recover hard drives, virus removal, etc)
- Fix lawn dead spots, and re-design sprinkler systems.
- Repair autos and motorcycles
- Indoor plumbing (kitchen or bath faucets, toilets, etc.)
- Water damage repair (drywall, molding, cabinets)
- Off-Road Fabrication, welding
- Demo work (removal of concrete, flooring, trash, etc)
- Honey to-do lists around the home
We are licensed;
With the County of San Diego.

*We are working on;
Obtaining our General Contractors
license to take on the larger projects
* San Diego Handyman is not a licensed contractor and is limited to $500 per project.
(this note posted to be in compliance with the California State Contractors Board)