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As of May 2014, there is no new news to publish.  

Stay tuned, we've not forgotten!!

Riders are off!!  7AM, from Descanso... bound for Barstow (that day).
The crew of riders, and chase trucks will leave at 7AM from Descanso area. They'll have 5 days
of riding, and one (free) day to perform bike maintenance in Las Vegas. They'll return on 11/13.

Watch their daily progress via this link; (

KCBQ with Dave Stall (3 segments)
Cancer Ride For Life's Johnny Jensen gets the word out Sunday evening utilizing Dave's three
shows.  Time to reach deep, and donate!!
YOUTUBE - Cancer-RideForLife - KCBQ "SD Motorsports" with Dave Stall
YOUTUBE - Cancer-RideForLife - KCBQ "You Auto Know" with Dave Stall
YOUTUBE - Cancer-RideForLife - KCBQ "Ride on Racing Round Up" with Dave Stall

KUSI News, with Brandi Williams and Dave Stall
Reported on the Cancer-RideForLife and did a short segment promoting our cause and the
event. Thanks to KUSI and Dave, for helping us get the word out!!!

Bike Week Radio, with Broc Glover
A short segment on AM1090 promoting the ride, and what Cancer-RideForLife is all
about.  Thanks to Bobby, Broc, Paul, Scott and Hailey for helping us get the word out over
the radio waves!!  We'll be updating Bike Week Radio mid week, make sure to stay tuned
and listen in!!
YOUTUBE - BikeWeekRadio and Cancer-RideForLife

S&S Off-Road magazing - cover note and inside story for Cancer-RideForLife
S&S Off-Road November issue, page 7 - for the Cancer-RideForLife story and cause.